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Together, let's electrify Bundeena's future

The key to lowering our carbon emissions and reducing the cost of the energy we consume is to electrify all our home appliances and to power these with clean renewable energy.

"We can run the same country we do today using less than half the energy, just by electrifying all our energy."
– Saul Griffith, inventor, engineer, scientist and author

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Electrify Bundeena is a community-run project that aims to help every household in our local community electrify their homes and vehicles through 100% renewable energy and remove our reliance on fossil fuels.  

We know there are many members of our local community who are very concerned about the climate crisis, and many who are also feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis. Electrification efforts – big and small – can be a great way to tackle both. In fact, 42% of our domestic emissions come from our household appliances, and by electrifying your home with renewable energy  – there is also the potential to save thousands each year!

So often conversations around electrification can be daunting, confusing and seem cost prohibitive. Electrify Bundeena simply wants to make everyone aware of their options through practical advice and community knowledge sharing – no jargon, no hidden agenda. Have a look around our site – you’ll find factsheets, simple tips and hints, information about rebates and opportunities to get involved and help the mission! 

We also encourage you to take 5 minutes to complete our Energy Survey, as this will help us understand what the community is interested in and how we can assist. 

Let’s make the switch! 

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What's next?

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